Tabasco The Saucy Raccoon

A story suitable for all ages. (Readers 12 years & up)

Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon

About Tabasco The Saucy Raccoon

At three weeks, Tabasco is a tiny, helpless ball of fluff. Already, the little raccoon’s life is unusual: tucked into Lyn’s pocket or tote bag, Tabasco accompanies Lyn on a cross-country tour, making friends every step of the way. By the time they get home, Tabasco is ready to explore the world—inch by exciting, fragrant, tactile inch. Nothing is safe from Tabasco’s clever paws. Dogs run and horses stand still when Tabasco comes to call. For some, the raccoon’s like her namesake: a little goes a long, long way. But children flock from all around to play with Lyn’s busy, talkative friend. Much as Lyn loves Tabasco, she knows that raccoons are wild creatures, not house pets. The story of Lyn Hancock’s search for a new, wild home for her beloved companion will melt your heart. Young and old alike will treasure the unforgettable tale of Tabasco, The Saucy Raccoon.

Book, novel, Tobasco the Saucy Raccoon by Lyn Hancock
Lyn Hancock, author - Canadian / Australian

About the Author – Lyn Hancock

Award-Winning Australian & Canadian Photojournalist, Wildlife Photographer, Teacher and Book Author

Lyn Hancock is a dynamic, award-winning writer and photographer, a highly-recommended, captivating speaker, an inspiring, widely-experienced teacher, and in the words of a spokesman for one education board, “an extraordinary person.” The New York Times added that she has “enough energy and exuberance to light up the streets of New York.”


Tabasco as a Celebrity Raccoon

Tabasco was a media star. She must be the only raccoon in the world to be on the front page of many newspapers across North America, and to be interviewed by international journalists.

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Tabasco The Saucy Raccoon - book
Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon
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