Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon, Chapter 4


When the Stanley Park Zoo in Vancouver gave me Tabasco, an orphan raccoon to look after, I was living in an apartment at the bottom of Simon Fraser University while working on my graduate degrees. (The reason I left Canada’s North and escaped to SFU would make a dramatic adult book but I am not sure if I am brave enough to write that story yet. I will divulge that surprise once I have found homes for the third edition of Tabasco’s book). All I will tell you now is that I had to escape from a town in northern British Columbia else I would be killed. Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon is much more fun and you will learn a lot about raccoons. Tabasco followed me everywhere -shops, post office, schools, lakes, parks …..Here are some stories from chapter 4 THERE’S A RACCOON IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD.

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Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon

Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon
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