Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon, Chapter 5


I think you’ll like Chapter 5 of TABASCO THE SAUCY RACCOON.
It’s called THERE’S A RACCOON ON MY CAMPING TRIP. A camping trip to the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

Now that sounds like an easy trip for a raccoon but it wasn’t for my sister Jan who was visiting me from our home country of Australia. She was a city girl, a fashion model, had never camped in a pup tent, never in snow, and certainly never with a raccoon.

But first I had to pick her up from the airport and take her to my apartment to meet Tabasco. It was a no-pet apartment so I used to smuggle my raccoon inside in a bag of groceries and hoped the landlady wouldn’t see us.

But when Jan and I arrived at the apartment the landlady had just heard from another tenant that I was living in the apartment with a raccoon. She was waiting at the door.

You can read chapter 5 to find out what happened.

Jan was glad to learn that I was taking her away from the apartment– she thought to some fancy hotel in a big city. She did not know we were driving my little car to the Rocky Mountains to sleep in a pup tent with a raccoon. She complained but she survived. AND THEN IT SNOWED.

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Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon

Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon
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